"Summertime on Gull Lake"

Genre: Romantic-Action-Adventure

This is a true story of a young Jewish girl brutalized by the Nazis; the age of innocence taken from her during Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, 1938. She flees Germany to the US with surviving family to live and work in an American Doctor's home; she returns to Hitler's aggression in North Africa as a Nurse. Falls in love with older, married, American Doctor, CO of Hospital and follows him to South Africa to help the ailing Zulu’s; she comes face to face with the SS who murdered her family, and is raped but has her revenge by killing him. Passing at 102, she never spoke of her heritage for fear of retribution or of the love she and the Doctor shared, her unrequited love.

Blood Diamond meets Gone with the Wind

Director Steven Spielberg - Edward Zwick - (first choice) (script requested)

Doctor PaulTom Hanks - Russell Crowe (dream cast)

Elena - Emma Stone - Elena Bleskina - (script requested)

Our partner Philo Pieterse - CEO of Philo Films, SA  

    "A Hero of Our Time"

Genre: Romantic-Action-Adventure

Pechorin, beaten, tortured, exiled from Saint Petersburg by the Tsar for taking the life of an officer of the court, in a duel, who slandered his beloved, Vera. Sent to the front lines of the great battle for the Caucuses, Lieutenant Pechorin encounters death at every turn, becomes a powerful and feared warrior. However, the fight for his life starts when he encounters five Beautiful young women, each his passion. Two want his life, two want his love, the fifth, his heart. Hero is a visually stunning, heart wrenching epic, of love, war, destiny and death. A visceral experience!

War and Peace meets Onegin


Novel - Mikhail Lermontov (RU)

Director -  Martha Fiennes(UK), Sergei Bodrov(RU) (letters of Interest signed)

Pechorin - Damian Lewis (UK) (interested) (first choice)  

Maxim Maximych - Al Pacino (first choice) 

Dr. Werner - Ralph Fiennes (UK) (interested) (first choice) 

FAD - Tommy Gormley (SCT-UK) (first choice)

Cinematographer - Irek Hartowicz (EU) (interested) (first choice)

The Lermontov Heritage has endorsed the project as the center piece of the Poet's 200th Anniversary. 

The following Stars are reading the screenplay: Milla Jovovich, Rachel Weisz, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Eva Green and Olga Kurylenko.  


Genre: Romantic comedy

This is a true story of one of the world’s great Bon Vivant;  Artiest by trade, lover of women by nature. “Johannes” tells the story of romantic encounters with women of all ages; each with a naughty sense of humor and millions in the bank. “Madeleine,” is from French society and a warrior in the French Resistance; “Princess Monica,” is the youngest daughter in the Royal Medici family, “Jean” an American Art student at the Nationale des Beaux-arts; including 13 other lovers and wives. Johannes has friendships with Picasso, Matisse, Dali and a Voluminous bar maid. Johannes life suggest that love, indeed, is the answer, be it unrequited love, romantic love, everlasting love, self love, love of passion; "Johannes" is the story of one man's celebration of love and life.

Midnight in Paris meets Sabrina


Director - Woody Allen, Michel Hazanavicius (first choice) (script requested)

Johannes Hugh Grant - Bradley Cooper - Jean Dujardin (script requested)



Genre: Drama



1975-2011 Original story of a young girl from Vietnam-Cambodia who witnesses her Auntie, Uncle and five cosines beheaded by the Khmer Rouge....flees to Paris, dresses up, goes to the Plaza Hotel where she is discovered by Karl Lagerfeld. By the time Chiem is sixteen, she is well on her way to becoming a world famous International runway model, in her private life, she is one of the most renowned Courtesans in the world...With a high profile clientele…royalty, heads of state, the KGB & CIA have been assigned to...


The Killing Fields  meets The Devil Wears Prada 


Director - Ang Lee (first choice) (script requested)

Chiem - Tao Okamoto, Ziyi Zhang, Maggie Q (dream cast)


 Genre: Action 

AD 60 - Boudica is a story of passion, battle and death. After Boudicas two young girls are beaten and raped by Roman soldiers. Boudica began to develop her army, a hand picket female legion of warriors to be her personal guard. Each trained in the art of the kill, with a specialty in the use of the dagger and sword. Her warriors are fearless, and each take an oath to protect Boudica with their lives. They are the Masters of Death! It has been said that Roman soldiers would wander through the battleground and look for one of Boudica warriors, attempt to rape the dead warrior. Some Romans were found with a dagger between their eyes; so the story goes.


Script In Development - William Paul Burns 

Boudica - Jennifer LawrenceEvangeline LillyMilla Jovovich (dream cast)




"The Imprisonment of Blanche Monnier "

Genre: Drama/Horror


Blanche Monnier was born into a wealthy family and grew up to be part of Paris High Society. She was a most beautiful young girl, though somewhat quietly shy, she laugh with joy and was always warm and kind to others. Deeply in love with a young man who was a lawyer, Blanche decided to elope with Pierre to be married as her mother would not allow it. The marriage upset Blanches mother so much she locked Blanche in the estate, prohibiting her from seeing her husband ever again. After many efforts to get out of the house by Blanche, her mother locked her up in the basement and keep her locked up for 28 years…When found by the authorities Blanche was near death, skeletal and living off her own fesses, covered with rat bites which were infected…Blanche had gone insane…

“Mata Hari” 

Genre: Drama


The most famous Femme Fatale; feared, loved and hated over 100 years ago, she still has the power to engage an emotional response even today. Martha Fiennes screenplay is meticulously researched and her approach to “Mata Hari” represents the true story not the mythological version of many inadequate and fabled stories about her life. Mata Hari, the ultimate femme fatale, was shot and killed by a firing squad October 1917, responsible for sending thousands of young soldiers to their death …several officers of the firing squad with tears in their eyes …


Writer and Director - Martha Fiennes


Mata Hari - Marion Cotillard

Bouchardon - Ralph Fiennes