Willow Tree Entertainment Films, LLC

Willow Tree Entertainment Films, LLC is an independent Film company dedicated to making quality, character based films, in which the viewer will experience their own complex natures. Their heroics, fears, trials, fights, will to succeeded - survive and carry on - or their choice to end the fight. Our interest is to follow characters from the early stage of life and hope, into the reality of life and all its complexities. Excepting your destiny, following the path life has laid out for you is exactly where and how each character in our films finds redemption, retribution and honor.

Willow Tree Entertainment is the only movie company with a training facility to make you the Best you can Be!

Our slate consists of seven action packed, romantic adventure, and character based epics. "Summertime on Gull Lake." original story of War and Unrequited Love. "A Hero of Our Time," based on the Great Russian novel by Mikhail Lermontov, which has sold in excess of 300 million copies worldwide. “Johannes” romantic comedy based on a true story of one of the world’s great Bon Vivant's. "Chiem" 12 y.o.girl who escape Vietnam war, become a world famous runway model and Courtesan in her private life...

Faith, belief, inner strength, love, positive visions, can turn your heart ache into knowledge, providing you the courage needed to face the unexpected horrors of life...this is the bases of each of our feature films.

We feel fortunate to find a voice in film, sharing our vision and strength, and if so doing one suppressed heart finds it's courage, love and faith, we have done justices to the opportunity to be in this amazing industry...our wish is to touch the hearts of millions of viewers in a most positive, human and true way.

We are a company with films that the audience will long remember when they think about all the possibilities available, as they go through life, death, hope and courage. Embrace the love of family; follow the path your faith opens up to you. This will keep you strong, focused, yet tender in all the joys, loves, heart aches and fears of life. This is the goal of Willow Tree Entertainment Films; our Motto - "Never Give Up...Never! Follow your dreams, your bliss, your faith and together let's make a better world for everyone". The Cinema can do just that! We believe in this! ​